Monday, September 28, 2009

Hi eberydoggy! We had a grrrrate time goin fur walkies in da wuds an stuff on saturdy and sundy dis week. We wuz runrunrunin, an snifsnifsnifin ala da smells. Lotsa dose nastee skwurruls in da wuds tu chase.

Dis furst pichur is by da nu sine dey put up sins we wuz heer at dis park last- Pffffffft- cant let no horsies on bikes in dare wit guns- dats fur shure- dey wud stomp on da flowurs! Enyways, dats whut mom sed da noo sine sez- rrrrr sumtin wike dat.

We wint on walkies by da rivrrrr in a big wuds wit lotsa tweees. It wuz lotsa fun, an I had my pichur tooked on a stump- dont I sit nice fur pichures? Byrdie dont wike sittin on stumpses, so she dint git her pichure tooked by herself.

Mom sez I am a gud gurrrrl. Cookys arr bedder, butt I like 'gud gurrrrl' tu.

Mom had tu hold Byrdie so's she wud be a gud gurrrl tu git her pichure took. Mom sits nice tu fur pichures, butt den she gots alla cookies in dat bag she gots, no wunder she smilin.
We had a diffrunt walkies an had to sit unner a yapple twee- we wike eatin dem, not sittin on dem! It wained on dat walkies, an we got wet furs. Dare wuz sum big tings dey calld geeeze, buttt we dint chase dem- dey flu away anyhoo.

So it wuz a bizzy weekend, sum gofurrides, and sum walkies, sum cookees, and sum pichurs. Wut else duz a gurl need?

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Thursday, September 03, 2009

We gots noo frends!

We went on a big walkies on Sunday an found sum big woooly creechures tu snifsnifsnif. I tink dey noo we ar sheepydoggies, cuz de din't want tu come by us no how.

Dare wer sum big wuns, and sum not so big wuns like dese guys.

An sum reeeely big wuns like dese wuns. Dese wuns wood run away if we comed neer da fens.

Dare wuz wun liddle wun doh dat wanted to make frens! He wuz reeely nice! Mom sed his wool was reel soft wen she petted him on da head.

I wuz a brave girl an got pretty close- eben doh he was lots bigger den me- apter all, I is a sheepydog!

He wuz a nice sheepy. I tink I'm s'posed tu do sumfing wit dese guys, but I not sure.

Byrdie wuz purty skeered ob dem. Sissy.

We had lots ob fun an advenchures on ar big walk. We got tard, an had naps wen we gots home.

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