Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Puppy Mills

We is lucky doggies! ar momma gots us from the lady hoo takes gud kare of her doggies and reelly thawt about who ar mommies an daddies shud bee. Not ebery doggy is so lucky. Dare are sum breeders out dare hoo just wanna hab puppies to sell to pet stores- dey ar called PUPPY MILLS- an it is a turrible place to live if you ar a doggy. Dare is a place to check out if yu wanna help, or just see what it's all about ober on the rite called Report Puppy Mills- just click yur mousey on dat.

Bea and Byrdie

Ellen Leigh here- one of the easiest ways to help stop these people is to NOT buy a puppy from any pet store. Do some research and find a reputable breeder for the breed you have fallen in love with and get a well bred dog, not one that has genetic abnormalities, illnesses from the environment it was born into, and behavioral problems. You won't regret it!

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