Monday, April 12, 2010

Walkies in Da Wuds

Dis us an Al

It wuz a bary nyse day yisterdy, so's we gots tu goferwalk! Dare is a wuds a liddel caride away dat ar mom an ar bestest guy Al like tu go tu. We jus like tu snifsnifsnif stuff butt dey hafta stop alla tyme an point da liddel blak box thing at stuf. Dey calls it 'takin pichurs'. I tink mom shuda took a pichur ob da guy lettin his big ol ugly pitdogs poop on da path and den leevin it dare fur peepul tu step in- peeyew! She says guys like dat ar da reeson sumtimes dares rools tu keep doggies owt ob parks, so dats not nyse. Mom always picks up ar poops in da park. Eberyware else tu. We hope yu do tu, cuz we lykes tu gofurwalk in da park!
Dare wuz lots an lots ob pritty flowurs in da wuds. Mom sed we cud put da pitchurs in heer fur you tu see.
dis 'bloodroot' it onlee has flowurs fur a cupla days.
Dis 'troutlily'
we like dis wun cuz mom sez its sumtymes called 'dogtooth violet'
dis 'spring beauty' dey wuz reelly little, but dare wuz lots ob dem.
Neks tyme we gofurwalk dare wil be some udder flowurs owt, maybe mom wil ttake more pitchurs wit da box. We dont care wut she does, long as she takes us wit her.

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