Friday, January 18, 2008

Sheltie Rescue Raffle!

Our friend Nutmeg in Mokena, Illinois just won a pet of the year contest in her area. Yay, Nutmeg! She is donating the gift basket and stuff she won for a raffle benefiting Sheltie Rescue! Isn't that wonderful? Anyways- I thought it would be great to post a link to the web site here with the information on how to enter the raffle and see the great things that will be raffled off. The drawing for the raffle is February 8, 2008, so if you'd like to enter, send in those checks!

Here is the site to check out:

I can personally vouch for the person running the raffle- she's a wonderful person, very involved in Sheltie Rescue in Illinois, and has 4 shelties of her own. Nutmeg is the sweetest girl and certainly deserved her win! Congrats!

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