Monday, December 17, 2007

We gots a Noo House!

Things hab ben bary, bary buzy heer- mom was puttin lots ob stuff in boxes for a long time, takin dem to da car and leavin, an she eben took us wid her wun time to see whut she called ar 'Noo House'. Sum strange guys came and tuk all ar furnichure away, an we had anodder car ride to ar noo house an we habn't left since, except fur some walkies. An surprise! alla ar furniture is heer! It's in diffrunt pawlaces now, but da kitties ar heer tu an we ar gettin used to it pretty gud. Da bestest part is we gots a reelly big back yard now! Lots ob ruum fur zoomies, and pawlaying. Mom goes out wid us eberytime we gotta go potty, an we like dat tu. Dares lots more snow heer tu- we gots 9 inchus yisterdee, and had lotsa fun jumpin aroun in it!

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At 6:59 PM, Anonymous Crissy said...

Welcome to your new home, sweeties. I know things have been topsy-turvy lately, but everything will settle down just in time for SantaPaws. All our best to you and your new life!!! Crissy, Dan, Daisy Mae, Nutmeg, Pilot & Scotty.

At 9:45 AM, Blogger Ellen Leigh said...

Franks Ant Cwissy! We like ar noo home a lot, an we ar so happy dat we ar all togedder heer. Mom wuz bary wurried dat she wud hafta find noo furebber homes fur alla us. Now we gots a nice howse just in time fur Santa Paws to come.


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