Thursday, September 03, 2009

We gots noo frends!

We went on a big walkies on Sunday an found sum big woooly creechures tu snifsnifsnif. I tink dey noo we ar sheepydoggies, cuz de din't want tu come by us no how.

Dare wer sum big wuns, and sum not so big wuns like dese guys.

An sum reeeely big wuns like dese wuns. Dese wuns wood run away if we comed neer da fens.

Dare wuz wun liddle wun doh dat wanted to make frens! He wuz reeely nice! Mom sed his wool was reel soft wen she petted him on da head.

I wuz a brave girl an got pretty close- eben doh he was lots bigger den me- apter all, I is a sheepydog!

He wuz a nice sheepy. I tink I'm s'posed tu do sumfing wit dese guys, but I not sure.

Byrdie wuz purty skeered ob dem. Sissy.

We had lots ob fun an advenchures on ar big walk. We got tard, an had naps wen we gots home.

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