Tuesday, October 24, 2006

We R goin' tu a Pawty!

Ebery yeer da food pawlace has a pawty fur all da doggies to ware dare kostooms. Mom sez we kin go, so we tryed on ar owtfits so she cud take ar pichur. Bea is gonna bee 3 dis week tu, so she gets a nice prezzy frum da store tu.

Bea is a Bunblebea (whuteber dat is)and I hab a new owtfit dats sbarkly- mom sez I is a butt-er-fly- dont no wut dat is eeder. We likes ar costooms a lot an cant wate fur da pawty!


Petsmart has a costume party for pets every year- special treats, a contest and just fun for all- It's also Bea's birthday this week on the 27th, so it's a good time for her to get a nice little gift, too. Some of the costumes are pretty cute, it's a nice outing with other silly pet owners like me.

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