Thursday, December 01, 2005

Just Us Girls

Hi everyone! Mom has her own blog, so we wanted to have one for us too! She said she'd help with the entries and putting in pictures and stuff, but it's all for us, just us! We are Shetland Sheepdogs, worlds most adorable and smart dogs (that's what mom says). Bea (short for Honeybea)is the brown and white one- she's really a shorty, way smaller than a Sheltie is s'posed to be, but also way cuter too. I'm Byrdie (short for Bluebyrd) the one with the grey, black and brown spots on white. I also have one blue eye. Bea's eyes are almost black, but they are really brown.
Bea is the older of us, she just turned two, and I am only a year and a half old. Mom says I still act like a puppy sometimes and get into lots of trouble. We have lots of adventures together, mom takes us neat places, and makes sure we have lots of fun every day, so we'll probably write more stuff pretty soon, and put in somemore pictures, too.
Bye for now!
Byrdie (and Bea too)

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